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Aug 19

Arena Rome scissors and chokes dante with his face red and veins popping up on his bold head.





Aug 15

Loser dante gets his ass kicked by Arena rose. she throws him to the floor and continues kicking and stomping the loser and makes him kiss her feet like a pussy.





Aug 11

Violent interrogation by Miss Arena Rome





Aug 7

Mistress Arena Rome beats up and scissors dante for being a jerk.





Aug 3

Dante is Arena's latest victim as she stomps, kicks and foot slaps him mercilessly.





Jul 30

Face slapping and foot smothering with socks by Mistress Arena Rome.





Jul 26

A VERY one-sided boxing match between Arena Rome and Kidd Dynamite.





Jul 22

Miss Arena Rome beats down dante, punching and kicking him, and stomping on his face. Then to additionally humiliate him, she makes him lick her feet.












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