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Nov 21

Annalee plays a game with her blindfolded slave: she slaps him hard and he has to guess if it was her hand or her foot that slapped him. If he guesses right, he gets to lick her sexy foot. If he guesses wrong, he has to lick the bottom of her shoe.





Nov 17

Awesomely hard flogging by a gorgeous Mistress Annalee Belle. Even slave ladiesfloor's pain tolerance is struggling with hard lashes of Annalee's whip while she is obviously enjoying his torment





Oct 19

Dante only had one task today and that is to fix Annalee's air conditioning but he forgot. She had enough sweating in the heat because of his incompetence so she teaches him a lesson with some punching, kicking and trampling.





Oct 15

Analee's stupid boyfriend comes home and ignores her even tough she is wearing sexy lingerie just for him. Instead he starts looking for the remote as a football game is about to start. Big mistake. She immediately starts slapping his face really hard, followed by kicking his worthless balls until he collapses into a pathetic heap on the floor.





Oct 11

Brutal whipping of a slave by gorgeous Mistress Annallee Belle. She mixes heavy flogging with very hard face slapping until he starts grovelling on the floor and begging for mercy by kissing her feet.





Oct 7

Awesome beatdown by Annabelle Lee. Dante's face is simply too anoying to her so she decides to beat it to a pulp. Lots of face slapping and belly and chest punching, combined with ballbusting and kicking all over the body.





Sep 7

Slave bows down and kisses the feet of sexy porn star Nikki Delano, then she sits down and has him worship her feet while she slaps his face with her foot over and over again.





Sep 3

Pathetic slave is failing in his mission to worship Rapture's feet and she punishes him with harsh foot slapping.












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