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Aug 30

Brutal hand and foot slapping by Mistress Cheyenne. Dante's face is getting more and more red with every blow by the cruel Mistress's hands and feet.





Aug 26

Amazing stomach and chest punching and kicking. Slave's body will surely be covered with black and blue bruises after a strong and trained fighter Cheyenne pummels it with her fists, knees and feet.





Aug 22

Dante's head is literally turning purple between Cheyenne's powerful thighs. She puts him into one after another scissor hold which he has no defense against.





Aug 18

Dante thinks he is good enough to train Rapture but she sees right away what a pathetic loser he is and puts him in his place. She beats his ass and makes him bow down to kiss her feet.





Aug 14

Dante insults Rapture after she refuses to let him use her phone after he was stupid enough to let his battery die. She scissors his dumb head until it almost pops and teaches him a lesson he'll never forget.





Aug 10





Aug 6

Rapture is ready to go to a pool but her dumb step son is late to pick her up. She hates waiting and her anger builds up with each passing second, so that when he finally arrives she is ready to beat some sense into him using her powerful fists legs.





Aug 2

Rapture wanted some nice decorations for her place but her slave bought a dart board instead. There is only one way to deal with such stupidity and that is to beat him until he cries like a bitch.












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