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Jan 20

Archer cowers on the floor and tries to crawl away but there is not escape from Jade who follows him around and mercilessly whips him





Jan 16

Jade learned a new skill - scissoring - and is dying to try it out on her slave. As soon as she gets home she puts him in every head scissor position while the poor guy is trying not to pass out





Jan 12

Jade walks in and just starts pounding on archer with her fists, knees and feet. When he falls down she picks him up and starts over. She doesn't need any reason for it, just taking out her frustration on her human punching bag





Jan 8

Foot slapping, smothering and stomping by beautiful Mistress Jade





Jan 4

Mistress Jade positions her slave the way she wants him and then footslaps his face until his cheeks are burning red and his ears are ringing





Dec 31

Brutal whipping and face slapping by Mistress Jade





Dec 27

Cheyenne lets her friend Jenna Ross try out flogging on the back of her slave archer. Both of them then take turns cruelly whipping his back until his entire back is read and welts start to appear.





Dec 23

First time foot slapping by Kerri Taylor. She is having a lot of fun and laughs while pounding archer's face with her feet.












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