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Nov 25

Lance's sister has invited her friend Cameron over to visit, but Cameron has her sites set on Lance. She walks into the living room, flirting with him but Lance tells her that he's waiting for his girlfriend to come over. Cameron says that they have a few minutes for her to give him a massage, so Lance lays down on the floor. Cameron gets down next to him, lays on top of him & wraps her legs around his neck. Lance demands to know what is going on, and Cameron assures him that it's just a little neck massage. Lance protests & tries to wriggle away, but Cameron overpowers him, putting him into a series of different scissorholds. Once she's had enough, she leaves him on the floor, crumpled & waiting for his girlfriend.





Nov 21

Jolene brutally beats the crap out of Archer, for no reason. She walks into a room and just starts kicking and stomping on him with her boots, then sits on his face and punches his stomach.





Nov 17

Prize fighter Lance has a huge fight coming up, but due to an injury, he's probably not going to take the fight. His girlfriend Cameron is pissed that he's thinking of not taking the fight, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. He thinks he's injured now? Just wait until she gets done with him! She pushes him down onto the floor & starts kicking him as hard as she can. She pushes him around the floor, kicking him & yelling insults at him until Lance is crumpled up in a ball on the floor.





Nov 13

Another awesome ballbusting clip by Miss Rapture. She is back and more powerful then ever!





Nov 9

An unusual workout. Rapture agrees to train a loser but under her conditions. Her workouts are done in the nude, and include ballbusting and scissoring!





Nov 5

Charlie tests her new prospective boyfriend by scissoring his head repeatedly to see how much he can take. He tries his best to take it like a man but fails miserably.





Nov 1

Loser tenant gets kicked in the balls by landlord Rapture after he fails to pay his rent on time.





Oct 28

Ron is acting like a jerk in a bar, hitting on the bartender and her friend and even grabbing her when she tries to leave. They've had enough of this kind of assholes so they slap and kick him until he is on the floor, then continue kicking and trampling on him until he passes out.












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