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Jan 26

Miss Apricot loves busting balls and sometimes she does it just to relieve her pent up aggression. She grabs the first guy she comes accross and starts pounding his balls with her knees and feet, until he is reduced to grovelling and kissing her feet.





Jan 22

Miss Apricot tests her slave's abs by kicking him in the stomach until he falls down. That doesn't stop her and she keeps cruelly kicking him on the ground while he is pathetically begging for mercy. Then she makes him lick the soles of her dirty seakers while she laughs at him.





Jan 18

Savannah Fox is training Dante and he's too stupid to get basic moves. So she decides to demonstrate by beating his ass until he remembers them well.





Jan 14

Miss Apricot uses her slave as a punching bag for her workout. She pummels his body with her fists until she gets tired, then lets him worship her sweaty feet as a reward.





Jan 10

Kicking, stomping and scissoring by Savannah Fox





Jan 6

Beautiful Miss apricot is bored and calls her slave over to scissor him just for fun. Then she makes him lick her feet just to humiliate him.





Jan 2

Miss Apricot stretches for her workout but she places her feet on ther slaves balls and kicks them hard over and over again, then makes him worship her feet.





Dec 29

Punching bag is back and Miss Apricot is having fun practicing her boxing moves on him. She pounds his head with her gloved fists until the poor guy is seeing stars and collapses on the couch. She is disgusted by his poor endurance and makes him smell and lick her sweaty socks for added humiliation.












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