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Apr 14

Emily is doing her daily yoga practice and she notices a creepy guy looking at her. She is sick of creepers so she decides to tech him a lesson. She pays no attention to the Buddhist principles of non violence as she slaps, kicks and slams this loser against the wall.





Apr 10

Miss Emily tees up her slave crouching and with his hands behind his head and then kicks him in the face with the sole of her foot. Then makes him get up and do it again and again.





Apr 5

Punching, kicking, face slapping, and slamming her slave against the wall by Miss Emily.





Apr 1

Smoking and Slapping! Miss Emily is repeatedly blowing smoke in the slaves face and then slapping him hard.





Mar 26

Miss Emily Ford is beating up a guy for the first time ever. At first she is a little bit hesitant but then she starts to enjoy herself, punching, kicking and slapping him without mercy.





Feb 24

Dante is not worshiping Shauna's feet to her liking so she slaps him with them. One of the hardest foot slapping videos yet.





Feb 20

Dante is looking for a fight and he gets one. Shauna is merciless with her kicks, punches, not to mention kneeing him in the balls, side and chest.





Feb 16

Shauna is in a mood for torturing dante again and she punches kicks and head and body scissors him until he is whimpering like a puppy at her feet.












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