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Mar 28

Annalee punds dante into submission with her powerful punches and kicks, then makes him grovel like a bitch and kiss her feet





Mar 24

Failure to water Miss Annalee's plants is punished by a hard beatdown. Lots of punches to the chest, face slaps and then merciless kicking once the loser is on the ground





Mar 20

Foot slapping by Mistress Jordan as a punishment for the pervert for looking at her feet without permission.





Mar 13

Mistress Lisa destroys slave Connor with her kicks, slaps and verbal humiliation before having him beg for mercy and worship her bare feet





Mar 09

Whipping, foot slapping and foot worship by awesome and cruel Mistress Lisa





Feb 20

Dante comes to a massage parlor expecting to get something more than a regular massage. Ashlynn is offended that he thought she was a hooker and beats him until he apologizes and then crawls our of there like a little loser that he is.





Feb 16

Ashlynn is cruelly slapping, punching and kicking Dante with her knee high boots. Then she makes him lick her boots and be her obedient slave.





Feb 12

Ashley is not pleased with the maintenance guy at her apartment building. Her apartment is flooded but she can't get his lazy ass to come over and fix it. It looks like the only solution is to beat him and kick him with her boots until he agrees to come up immediately.












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