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Jul 31

Cheyenne's punching bag. Cheyenne is seriously angry. Why? She doesn't need any reason for it. She only needs a punching bag to take her anger on and Archer will do. She pounds his chest and stomach with brutal punches and kicks until he literally can't take it anymore.





Jul 27

Slapping, spitting and foot smother. Cheyenne is mad that her boyfriend is sleeping instead of doing housework like she told him. He is in for a rude awakening as she spits in his face and rubs it in with her foot and then continues to beat and humiliate him. Next time he will know better.





Jul 23

Foot slapping by Cheyenne 2. Archer insults Cheyenne by saying that her feet stink and so she uses her feet to punish him. Apart from brutally slapping his face over and over again, she smothers his face with feet and makes him worship them.





Jul 19

Boy Scout Councillor Ballbusting. Cheyenne is training a new boy scout lesson of withstanding pain. Her method is to kick his balls as hard as she can over and over again.





Jul 15

Kicked and humiliated by a waitress. A Hooters waitress is not happy when a customer fails to give her a tip. She finds him playing mini basketball game and confronts him about it. When he still won't budge, she starts pounding him with punches and kicks and then humiliates him by making him kiss her feet and ass.





Jul 11

Stripper Scissoring. Cheyenne is demonstrating her moves on a stripper pole, but with a twist. She catches Archer repeatedly in between her thighs and scissors his poor head which is turning darker and darker red.





Jul 7

Tough trainer. Cheyenne takes the tough personal trainer image to a new level by issuing slapping, kicking, punching and forced foot worship for every little mistake by her poor trainee.





Jul 3

Late boyfriend scissoring. Cheyenne is pissed when her boyfriend comes home late yet again. Brutal eye-popping scissoring between her powerful thighs is his punishment.












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