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Nov 19

Stomping, kicking, trampling, by brutal Miss Apricot. All because he fell asleep on her couch with his shoes on.





Nov 15

Slave is spanked by Miss Elena De Luca while having to sniff the insides of her shoes.





Nov 11

Miss Apricot's sub is serving as her footstool while she kicks and stomps on him and makes him worship her socks.





Nov 7

Miss Savannah Fox is sitting on her slave's face and pounding his stomach with her fists, then smothers his face with her feet.





Nov 3

He claims to be some kind of a tough guy who can take any beating from a girl, so Savannah Fox sets out to prove him wrong with brutal punches to head and body until he is reduced to groveling on the floor, kissing her feet and begging for mercy.





Oct 30

Cock and ball torture by Miss Elena De Luca, using her sharp stiletto heels, and a few other torture implements.





Oct 26

Elena De Luca\'s boy overslept and is punished by trampling, foot slapping and gagging with dirty socks and forced to lick them.





Aug 27

Miss Arena Rome spanks her naughty loser slave.












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